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 face of the cubic dial The cubic sundial stands over the porch gable of All Saints church.
It is in fact 3 vertical sundials engraved onto one block of stone.
There is a direct south facing dial seen in detail in the first picture, a direct west dial to the left, and direct east to the right.
Although the stone surface is discoloured with age, the hour lines can be clearly seen in this view, as can some Roman numerals. The iron gnomon is badly corroded and most of it is missing. The simple bars used for east and west dials are however intact.

 over the porch of All Saints

The Church warden's Accounts give the dates and cost to the parish of installing and cleaning the sundial:
"1780 June 25.
To William Wheatcroft for painting and figuring the Sun Dial
... 10s 0d."
"1823 Sept 6. To Geo Bamford for taking down Sundial, Cleaning etc., 2 days at
3s 6d.
... 7s. 0d.

C E Lugard, writing in 1924, said the dial was dated 1823, (the year the church wardens accounts record that it was restored).
It was already fading when F N Fisher saw it 12 years later and read it as 1825. The dial also showed the latitude of 53. When we visited in September 2000, traces of an inscription could be seen at the top of the south face, but it was too faint to be readable.


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A letter in Derbyshire Advertiser Notes and Queries,
Volume 13, page 62. Dated 22nd May 1936.
C E Lugard -
"The Saints and Sinners of Ashover" 1924


Lat 53° 09' 50" N
Lon 1° 28' 47" W
OS SK 349 631