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Cross Dial An unusal memorial sundial is to be found in the church yard of St Anne's.
The dial is in the form of a leaning cross mounted on top of a round column.
The cross leans towards the south, and should make an angle equal to the co-latitude between the mainshaft of the cross and its octagonal base.

Hour lines are engraved on the top of the cross arm, the shadow being cast from the top edge of the leaning mainshaft. The west arm shows the morning hours, and the east arm the afternoon hours.


The east and west sides of the leaning mainshaft are also engraved with hour lines and Roman numerals. Detail of hour markings On the east face of the mainshaft, for the hours before 6am they are above the cross arm, and for the hours after 6am the morning hours are found below the cross arm, the shadow being cast from the end edge of the cross arm. The afternoon hours are engraved down the west side.

On the south face is engraved the year 1891, and on the north face of the cross is engraved the verse:

"If o'er the dial glides a shade, redeem
the time, for lo, it passes like a dream.
But if 'tis all a blank, then mark the loss
of hours unblessed by shadows from the cross".

The column that supports the dial is now leaning a few degrees due to subsidence.

The sundial stands within a kerbed area containing the graves of Edward Mason Wrench and members of his family, and is a memorial to them, their names being inscribed on the column.

Also to be found in the churchyard is a metal Horizontal dial mounted on a stone pillar rising from stone steps. The dial face is square and engraved in Roman numerals.

The dial is encrusted with green verdegris which hides most of the engraving.



Lat 53° 14' 50" N
Lon 1° 37' 30" W
OS SK 252 723