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sundial This well maintained declining wall sundial stands over the doorway of the Church of St Thomas à Becket. It is rectangular in shape and set on a stone tablet rising above the roofline of the porch. Over the dial is the year 1733, however the dial is probably of a later date. The Roman numerals and lettering are picked out in gold. A scroll at the top of the dial is inscribed "TEMPUS FUGIT" (Time Flies). The sun with its golden rays peeps from beneath the scroll. The engravings of the hour lines and the borders are painted black. Following the curve of the dial at the bottom left are the words "UT UMBRA", and on the right, "SIC VITA" (Life is like a shadow). The photograph was taken a few minutes after 11am BST July 2000, the dial shows just after 10am local time.


Both dials can be seen in this view
Nearby in the churchyard is a horizontal sundial affixed to a sandstone pillar on a round stone base, about 5ft in height. The square, possibly brass, dial is green with age and is indecipherable. The gnomon is missing. It is encircled by sturdy iron railings.
The church is at the top of a steep hill with a good view of the town. It dates from the 14th century, but the tower, south porch and south side were extensively rebuilt in the early 18th century.

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Lat 53° 19' 26" N
Lon 1° 54' 49" W
OS SK 058 808